Decentralized data exchange for healthcare

Access to care is universal

Elysium leverages blockchain technology to securely store and share health records, protecting your data and improving healthcare.

Why we created Elysium

The internet has changed the healthcare market forever and the current healthcare ecosystem is not suitable for approaching it. Different stakeholders do not have the ability to talk to each other easily and if they do, it’s likely that they are using different formats and standards for their data.

Healthcare Facility

Help physicians getting access to certified health data in a timely and transparent manner, reducing the risk of malpractice and improving patients outcomes.


Support healthcare providers in securely managing patients' information, increasing transparency on personnel liabilities and improving coordination across departments.


Empower patients to upload, consult and provide access to their health records in a secure and certified way, making them an active player in improving healthcare services.

Securely share single version health record

Parallax Features

Core Features

Easily upload, download and share certified health records between Patients, Doctors and Healthcare Facilities.


Provided with different levels of secure access.


Compliant with GDPR for worldwide personal data sharing.


Ready to scale horizontally or vertically.


Continuous improvement for constant efficiency.

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Unique hash generation for any transaction on Blockchain.


Functionalities are produced for different environments.


Compatible to work with other EHR systems.


Compatible with a person's assistive technology.

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