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Elysium will provide a decentralised platform based on Blockchain technology for sharing secure and certified health data between Patients, Doctors and Healthcare facilities.


Elysium is the secure bridge that easily allows existing EHR to safely and compliancy exchange health data and legally allows access to aggregated and anonymized health data, as well as adherence to the therapy.


Take the ownership of personal health data. Uploading, downloading and sharing certified health data to easily control treatments and adherence of therapy effectivness.


Store and update certified portable patient health data in a secured and shared folder for a real-time care. Is also provided with an AI support to avoid errors, lose time and waste money.

Healthcare Facility

Easily provide patient health information to ER doctors and be the bridge between other hospitals and labs to share health data with any EHR system in EU countries full compliant with GDPR.

Elysium is here, manage your health data safely!

Parallax Features

Core Features

Easily upload, download and share certified health data between Patient, Doctors and Healthcare Facilities.


Provided with different levels of secure access.


Compliant with GDPR for worldwide personal data sharing.


Ready to scale horizontally or vertically.


Continuous improvement for constant efficiency.

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Unique hash generation for any transaction on Blockchain.


Functionalities are produced for different environments.


Compatible to work with other EHR systems.


Compatible with a person's assistive technology.

Elysium, decentralize your health data

Pricing Tables

Manage your health data today and get a 30-day Free Trial full premium access to securely upload, download and share certified unique data.


From €9.99 Per Year

1 GB

Upload, download and share your personal health data with your Family Doctor and Health Facilities.

+5 Family Connect

Connect up to 5 Elysium account to yours to manage and take under control your parents, children and partner health.



From €0.15 Per Patient

500 MB

Easily manage your patient and securely receive or sent certified health data between your Assisted, Specilized Doctors or Health Facilities.

1000 Support Tickets

We will take care of you like you with your patients.

Health Facility

From €4.99 Per Patient

1 GB per patient

Be compliant to GDPR without changing your current IT infrastructure. Upload, Download and Share secure and ceritfied patient health data.

Support Unlimited

Our support will be ready 365/7/24 to solve any issue.

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